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AV Managed Services

5 Benefits AV Managed Services Can Provide Your Business

A full conference room with AV equipment.

Never Worry About Your AV Equipment Again With Total AV Protection and Care

In today’s world, companies rely on their AV equipment. It’s how you coordinate with team members, connect with clients, and more. Unfortunately, if something goes wrong or your equipment is compromised, it can derail your entire business and affect your bottom line. 

Having fully functional communications equipment at all times is essential, so AV-managed services have become necessary for businesses, especially small businesses with a small IT department. Keep reading to learn five ways AV-managed services can benefit your businesses and why Pro-Tech Management is the best partner.

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1. One Dashboard for All Your Equipment

Some AV equipment manufacturers may offer to monitor their devices, but most AV networks consist of equipment from many manufacturers. Trying to check equipment status from multiple services can make monitoring difficult and inconvenient. 

PTM uses Utelogy to monitor your entire AV network, across devices and rooms, on one dashboard. So it doesn’t matter how many different brands make up your network or how many rooms it spans. PTM allows you to check the status of your complete AV infrastructure on just one dashboard, saving you time and stress.

2. Instant Notifications

If PTM powered by Utelogy detects a threat, you and our team will receive an instant alert via email. That way, you always know the status of your equipment and can deal with any threat swiftly, which can help get your equipment up and running faster and prevent any further corruption.

3. Data and Analytics

In addition to tracking the status and well-being of your equipment, the same technology powered by Utelogy can track your equipment’s usage and performance. This allows you to get a good idea of your ROI on your AV equipment and how it’s helped your business.

4. Take The Pressure off IT

Most small businesses have IT departments that have a lot of responsibilities. AV management doesn’t have to be one of them! Investing in PTM AV managed services will free up time for your IT department to focus on other pressing matters without compromising the safety and functionality of your communications technologies.

5. Potential for Remote or In-Person Support

PTM offers three tiers of service. The lowest tier provides monitoring, data, and analytics. If you upgrade to the second tier, PTM will provide your business with phone support and access to a remote CX coordinator and a remote CX engineer to guide you. The best deal is the third tier, which includes everything in the second tier, plus the ability to have a tech come on-site the very next day to fix your equipment. 


You rely on your AV network, so it’s necessary to ensure it’s completely protected by a partner that can monitor your entire infrastructure. To learn more about Pro-Tech Management and how our services work for you, contact us today.