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Remote Network Monitoring

How Does Remote AV Network Monitoring Work?

Keep Your AV Devices & Systems Running Smoothly

In this modern, connected age, networks are the lifeblood of our businesses. If your AV network is down for even only an hour, across a hundred employees, that’s a hundred hours wasted. If your business is customer-facing and processing transactions, imagine the sales lost if your technology is down!

And if you’re a commercial integrator that installs complex AV technology systems, you’ll want a fail-safe way to ensure your installations perform seamlessly. Your company may not have the capacity to monitor AV networks yourself. So how will you prevent bottlenecks, overloaded devices, and unresponsive networks? 

Remote network monitoring allows your IT department—or our team of network professionals—to proactively monitor the health of your network. We can extend monitoring features to your AV devices, too. When an issue is detected, we’ll immediately alert you and find a solution before it causes delays and technical difficulties. 

If your business is growing, it’s time to consider adding remote AV monitoring as well. Here’s how it works! 

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What Is Remote Network Monitoring? 

Remote network monitoring is a tool that monitors the status of devices, traffic, and servers. It can track bandwidth use, application performance, and server performance. A remote networking platform lets you monitor everything from a single dashboard. And when you upgrade your remote monitoring plan, you’ll receive expert assistance from our technicians and engineers to troubleshoot any issues. 

What Is AV Monitoring? 

Beyond networks themselves, the individual audio-visual devices your company installs need to function seamlessly, too. Whether it’s digital signage or video conferencing solutions, if your AV isn’t running properly, it can stall the whole day. 

The same monitoring services used for networking can also be applied to AV systems. And it’s not only about waiting to catch malfunctions—we’re proactive about remotely updating devices to the latest software and executing reboots, security patches, and factory resets. We can swiftly connect to individual AV devices through secure tunneling, even in systems that span multiple locations and geographies. 

How Does It Work? 

We can install remote monitoring software directly to your network, which will then monitor your AV devices no matter where they or you are located. This means you can check on the AV network’s performance remotely without compromising any security features. The software can tell when your network is overloaded, if bottlenecks and congestion are occurring, and which devices have too much traffic.

What Are the Benefits of Remote Monitoring? 

If a server crashes or your conferencing technology won’t perform, that could waste an entire day of work. Wouldn’t you rather be proactive about your technology’s health? 

A remote monitoring system lets you access device information from anywhere with automated alerts to signal if anything is off. You can troubleshoot from anywhere, which is time and cost-effective if a company spans multiple locations. And with help from a professional like Pro-Tech Management, the burden isn’t only yours to bear.


Give your clients peace of mind with remote network and AV monitoring solutions. Curious to learn more? Pro-Tech Management offers proactive AV and network monitoring to integrators nationwide. Contact us here to learn more about network monitoring and to get started today!