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AV Monitoring Services

Does Your IT Staff Need AV Monitoring Services?

Bridge the Gap Between AV Technology & IT

Any IT manager can attest to the challenge (even the nightmare) of fixing AV technology glitches. Unfortunately, these tech issues often aren’t discovered until the moment they’re absolutely needed, and your IT team is stuck waiting on the phone with the equipment manufacturer for hours on end.

Is your business struggling to support the monitoring and maintenance of AV technology? Luckily, there’s a better approach. AV monitoring services offer 24/7 proactive monitoring to ensure all your devices are connected and running smoothly.

Even if your company spans dozens of locations with tens of thousands of devices, your AV monitoring provider has it covered. We consistently test every device and patch any issues before they’re even noticed.

Read on to discover how AV monitoring services can help your IT team, and therefore the entire company, thrive and run technology seamlessly.

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What Is AV Monitoring Services?

AV monitoring services ensure every device on your AV network is up and running and will alert you to issues before they lead to any disruption. Today’s software-driven AV tools—like video conferencing, unified communications, and digital signage—are more commonplace than ever. AV monitoring needs to be as flexible as the tools your business relies on.

AV monitoring services from Pro-Tech Management may include device alerts, onsite tech support, a remote CX engineer and coordinator, plus phone support. Day after day, your network’s AV will be taken care of.

What Are the Benefits?

With AV monitoring, we identify problems before they impact the workday, so there are no surprises on your end. Consider an important conference that’s about to begin—and the tech doesn’t work. Such wasted time can cost businesses thousands of dollars. Luckily, AV monitoring assures technological glitches are fixed before they’re noticed.

AV services also free up IT’s in-house resources. Our team works as the equivalent of an on-staff AV expert and allows you to focus on core tasks rather than deal with equipment issues.

Sure, there are off-the-shelf monitoring tools available. But these often aren’t compatible with your entire AV ecosystem and are limited to manufacturer-specific devices. Our onsite and remote services also offer invaluable support.

How to Get Started

It’s one thing to manage technology in five conference rooms. But 500? At Pro-Tech Management, we offer three levels of system management services so that you can choose the solution best suited to your business’s needs.

Could your enterprise benefit from AV monitoring services? Connect with Pro-Tech Management here or send us a message below for a free consultation. We look forward to working with you!