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Protection around the clock.
Value from day one.

Traditional service contracts provide value only after a problem occurs. PTM is always on the job – monitoring every device on your AV network and alerting you to issues before they cause disruption. Many times, glitches can even be corrected remotely, well in advance of your next important meeting.

100% Aware

No more surprises. No more panic. A single dashboard keeps you comprehensively informed of the working status of your entire AV network. That includes every device on your AV network, across rooms and locations.

100% of the time

Pro-Tech monitoring is always on – checking and rechecking your AV infrastructure for any threat to system readiness. Should an issue occur, you’ll be notified immediately so that it can be remedied before it becomes a problem.

From all-seeing to all-powerful: Choose your protection level.

Per Room
Per Month

Your subscription to GOOD PTM enables you to monitor the status and performance of all connected devices via a single dashboard. Device alerts trigger dashboard notification and emails delivered directly to your support team.

Per Room
Per Month

Along with the dashboard and device alerts, BETTER PTM provides ticket management by a CX coordinator and remote troubleshooting by a CX engineer. Pro-Tech Management monitors and manages all alerts through ticket tracking, and contacts you proactively to remotely troubleshoot with your on-site team.

Per Room
Per Month

A subscription to BEST PTM provides full peace of mind. In addition to alerts, ticket management and remote troubleshooting, subscribers receive expert onsite assistance when needed. A CX coordinator will schedule visits from Pro-Tech Management technicians to fully repair any equipment issues.

• Discounts available at 15/25/50/100+ rooms
• Room assumes up to 10 devices being monitored
• Subscriptions of 5 rooms or less will have a one-time activation fee.

Estimate your Monthly Cost.

PTM is scalable for enterprises.

How Pro-Tech Management protects you.

Click below to see how Pro-Tech Management’s three support levels have you covered. From continually monitoring connected devices, to remote trouble shooting and onsite support, Pro-Tech Management alerts you to equipment issues and can even resolve them before they become problems.

  • Central Dashboard
  • Device Alerts
  • Data & Analytics
  • Remote Troubleshooting & Repair
  • Onsite support

You know your AV infrastructure is vital. Learn more about how PTM keeps it reliable.

100% Aware, 100% of the Time

What makes Pro-Tech so protective?

Technology Leadership

Technology leadership

Powered by the acclaimed Utelogy platform, Pro-Tech Management provides actionable intelligence across your AV ecosystem, regardless of device and manufacturer. In addition to monitoring, alerts, and remote repairs, this same technology provides you with valuable detailed utilization statistics.

Total Awareness

Total awareness

Complete coverage of your network provides complete peace of mind. Even if you opt just for our basic level of protection, you’ll be notified instantly of any threat to your system’s working status. Moreover, Pro-Tech Management provides all your information on a single dashboard.

Comprehensive Care

Comprehensive care

Many organizations have a wide variety of AV gear and environments, created by various integrators using products from numerous manufacturers. Pro-Tech Management covers everything you have. Plus, it’s as affordable as it is comprehensive. See for yourself by using our Price Calculator.

Total awareness enables
total control.

Know the working status of your AV infrastructure with just a glance at your dashboard. Harnessing the information collected by the Utelogy platform, Pro-Tech Management’s unique and comprehensive system of actions and alerts creates a seamless and stress-free management experience, enabling you to:

  • Monitor AV network status for every connected device, across rooms and locations.
  • Receive dashboard and email alerts whenever a device does not behave as expected.
  • Track device statistics, including utilization and performance data to get a true picture of technology ROI.
  • Control your devices. Run test scripts. Automate room readiness with self-healing triggers. Control room functions, and much more.
  • Improve the efficiency of your IT staff, giving them the equivalent of in-house AV expertise and allowing them to focus on their core tasks.

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