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AV Managed Services

Pro-Tech Management and Utelogy: Building a Platform for Protection

The Utelogy partnership with Pro-Tech ManagementPro-active AV management is an idea whose time has come. And PTM powered by Utelogy is the partnership these times demand.

The growing complexity, rapid evolution, and increasing interconnectedness of today’s communication technology infrastructures makes remote monitoring not just a “nice to have” but a must-have. And as the need for pro-active management has grown, so too has the power of the solutions that software developers like Utelogy have developed.

Customer Experience Becomes the Differentiator

We chose to make Utelogy the core of the Pro-Tech Management practice not only because they’re the most deeply established, with the most advanced technology, in our sector, but because Utelogy shares our commitment to providing the best possible customer experience. Moreover, they have keen insight into the customer experience. You’d think they were half integrator.

“It’s important to understand what’s happened over the past few years,” says Utelogy senior director of product marketing, Nicole Corbin. “When people were sent home for full-time or part-time work because of COVID, enterprises discovered they didn’t really have a handle on all the equipment they had deployed. Consequently we saw a swell in demand for true remote asset management.”

The Quest for One AV Monitoring Dashboard

Part of the problem was that remote monitoring was never uniform or all-encompassing. Certain manufacturers offered it, but only for the gear they produced. End clients often found themselves monitoring five different dashboards to try to understand the working status of their infrastructure.

The first thing that drew us to Utelogy was that it’s 100% vendor agnostic. Any device with an API, or Application Programming Interface, can be monitored and managed.

Fully Customized Dashboards and Workflows

Utelogy also stands out in its ability to accommodate each client’s needs. One of the ways it does this is by drilling deep into how the end user will engage with the platform. Its implementation team first gains a comprehensive understanding of the workflows, then helps set up custom dashboards as well as a technology testing environment to ensure the integrituy of the solution. “We get to know how their rooms are set up, how they’re connected, where and how many of them there are. The process is highly individual, and it ensures that each customer gets exactly what they’re looking for,” says Corbin.

Pro-Tech Management partners with Utelogy to establish workflows, optimize the solution for any and all ticketing platforms, and build in the flexibility and scalability clients need.

Creating and subsequently managing the solution requires a real partnership between the software and service providers. When Pro-Tech Management set out to create the ultimate proactive monitoring and support offering, the barriers to entry shattered any thoughts that this would be an easy endeavor. From the cost of insurance and licensing to the hiring and training required for implementation, obstacles abound.

Utelogy is a robust solution that requires both commitment and technical prowess from its customers. But the company more than met us halfway. It offers a comprehensive training and partnership program, the successful completion of which resulted in PTM being named a Utelogy “Diamond Partner.”

The level of commitment Utelogy requires was matched by our expectations of Utelogy. We promise to keep our customers “100% aware, 100% of the time” – and we needed a partner who could help us to that – 100% of the time.

The Infosec Imperative

It’s important to remember what our customers have at stake. They’re giving us access to critical systems, which means we have to be serious about information security. There have been times when prospective customers have said, “We like the idea of remote management, but we can’t risk opening our network to you.”

That’s a comment we welcome, because nobody takes infosec more seriously than Utelogy. International banking systems rely on its software. Many of the world’s most data-sensitive companies trust Utelogy for remote monitoring and management. Utelogy has won the confidence of highly demanding clients because infosec is absolutely integral its design.

“The nature of our solution is that data is pushed up from the network, but no data is pushed down,” says Corbin. Nothing is ever introduced into the end-user client’s system. By the way, Utelogy doesn’t just ask clients to accept their security claims; through third-party auditing the company provides detailed information and assurance about security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, privacy controls and more.

Proof of Concept vs. Proof of Value

Regardless of a customer’s size, adopting a solution like Pro-Tech Management is a big decision. Typically, prospective users want Proof of Concept before going forward. Utelogy and Pro-Tech Management do more than that. They also provide Proof of Value. Through pre-implementation testing and deployment, we can provide 100% assurance that the solution will work as promised. What clinches the deal, however, is the case we can make that Pro-Tech Management generates true savings by reducing the time clients spend monitoring their networks, repairing their gear, and paying in lost business and confidence.

Timing is everything. That’s why we build a solution that keeps clients informed and protected 24/7. But what really drives us is the desire to banish the possibility that your infrastructure will fail you “at the worst possible time.” The fact is, equipment will fail at some point. No one can control that. But together with Utelogy, we can ensure that when your equipment DOES fail, you’ll be back up and running before you pay the price for it.

If you’re considering Pro-Tech Management for your business, contact us and ask about our partnership with Utelogy. We’ll even get them on the phone for you. They’re as excited about the power of PTM as we are.