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Remote Monitoring Services

Keep an Eye on Everything with Remote Monitoring Services

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Let Pro-Tech Management Remove This Item From Your To-Do List

Small businesses have quite a bit on their to-do list. If it’s not payroll, customer service, or ordering supplies, it’s always something else, and it can be a lot to handle! If you’re a manager or owner, you know the importance of delegation. Luckily Pro-Tech Management is here for you – you can delegate your company’s remote monitoring services to us!

Keep reading below to learn what that means for your employees and bottom line. Scroll below.

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Don’t Stretch Your Employees Too Thin

You and your employees are tasked with a variety of work goals each and every day, but is AV monitoring and device management in your job description? When issues arise with a conference room display, the network loses connectivity, or presentation software doesn’t respond, what can your staff do to stay productive? If the answer is to scramble to find a solution minutes before the start of a big sales presentation, then you’re in desperate need of remote monitoring services.

The Pro-Tech Management team offers invaluable, proactive technology monitoring, so your team doesn’t need to step into an impromptu troubleshooting role when they don’t have the knowledge or bandwidth to do so – they were hired to complete other tasks for your company!


Dedicated AV Assistance

With a dedicated AV monitoring service on your side, everyone can rest easy knowing they’re proactively protected. Networking and equipment issues are frequently found before staff ever notice an outage or system concern. In most cases, our team can remotely perform security patches and updates without sending a truck to your business. This reduces any associated technology costs that could upset the bottom line in an instant – something that could shake any business, but especially a small business, to its core!


Designed For You

Our Good, Better, and Best remote monitoring plan options are designed for a variety of business needs. You can choose from plans that offer dashboard visibility, customer experience engineers, ticket management, and more for one conference room or multiple floors of cubicles and boardrooms! We also have multi-room discounts for companies with a larger number of devices and spaces that need remote monitoring services.


Your Business Technology Partner

Whether it’s remotely monitoring your network or your conference room connectivity, Pro-Tech Management has you covered! Keep your employees happy and your to-do list shorter by chatting with us below or connecting with us here – we can’t wait to hear from you.