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Audio Visual EquipmentRepair Services

How AV Monitoring Protects Your AV Infrastructure

Corporate boardroom with a large active video screen.Ensure Your AV Systems Offer Peak Performance with 24/7 Monitoring and Audio-Visual Equipment Repair Services

Incorporating a productive, collaborative digital workforce is no small undertaking, yet small businesses and large corporations around the nation are either preparing for or have accomplished the task. According to SmallBizGenius, by 2028, 73% of all businesses will consist of some remote workers, and 76% of employees are more willing to remain with their current employer if they’re offered more flexible work hours. 

What does this mean to your business? For many, it requires robust audio-video solutions that enable team collaboration, whether in the office or miles away. It also means you’ll need reliable and proactive support for your AV ecosystem. Pro-Tech Management offers an ideal partnership for businesses and IT teams with expanding video conferencing, conference rooms, boardrooms, and other AV technology by providing remote and onsite audio-visual equipment repair services and more.

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An Empowered Workforce

In addition to repair services, we monitor your AV infrastructure 24/7 and provide a comprehensive dashboard that allows you and your IT team to see the status of every connected device on your AV network. This dashboard monitors these devices across every location and sends notifications via the dashboard and email alerts when something needs attention. 

We can fix many of these malfunctions remotely before they cause a disturbance in your workplace and well before that all-important virtual meeting with clients and shareholders. As you know, proactive measures can save a substantial amount of time and money in the long run and significantly improve the user experience.

This type of support also reduces the risk of failure. Our AV engineers will be the first to know if something goes wrong and can swiftly resolve any issues. Remote support means less downtime and, in many cases, immediate resolution. Diagnostic checks will flag potential problems and keep systems upgraded and at optimal performance.

Additionally, you’ll receive critical data, including utilization and performance of your connected devices, as well as tracking when preventative maintenance is due. This approach offers a solid return on investment, eliminating the need for increasing hardware costs and making it easy to develop collaboration spaces, whether large conference spaces or small huddle rooms. 

By collecting this type of data, you’ll gain keen insights into the usage of your equipment and real estate assets and how they can be further utilized and integrated to meet your business goals. 

Onsite Repair

AT Pro-Tech Management, we do more than keep you aware of possible failures before they occur. We offer three monthly plans. While the BETTER PTM plan offers remote troubleshooting as well as dashboard and device alerts, the BEST PTM plan also provides onsite assistance when needed, sending our technicians for next-day, in-person support to fully repair any equipment issues. 

Our monitoring system is fully scalable, offering you the services you need as your company continues to grow. To learn more about audio-visual equipment repair and AV network management or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Pro-Tech Management today.