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Ensure a Productive Workforce and Enhanced Client Communications with Real-Time Network Monitoring

The events of the last few years have transformed how we do business, fast-tracking companies and whole industries into new cloud technologies, audiovisual (AV) integrations, and remote collaboration systems. With these changes, the demands on their IT department increased exponentially, creating a significant workload that was, at times, difficult to anticipate and maintain. 

As with most disruptions, rapid and unexpected advancements in technology and AV infrastructure left a wake of challenges. While these technologies enable businesses to grow on a global scale and develop a more productive workforce and enhanced client connections, any downtime can have a significant and negative impact. That’s where Pro-Tech Management and real-time network monitoring come in. 

Let’s explore real-time network monitoring and how it can support your company 24/7, 365 days a year. 

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The Rising Complications

As a network’s infrastructure became increasingly complicated, issues and breakdowns in communication occurred. Different manufacturers, standards, and media left a disjointed system that resulted in failed connections and poor audio or video that hindered, instead of supported, the desired outcome. 

These complications often left businesses looking less than professional and wondering if they jumped on the AV bandwagon too quickly. For many, this prompted the need to add additional staff or train onsite staff to support AV infrastructure, increasing costs and creating an overworked IT department.  

The Required Support

Cloud-based AV remote network management proactively monitors your AV infrastructure. Technicians can monitor your boardrooms, classrooms, and all of your AV technology in real-time and make informed decisions as to when they can intervene remotely to troubleshoot and repair a problem or prompt onsite support. In most situations, remote modifications can result in a repair without visiting the facility, reducing downtime and saving money. 

The result is increased efficiency and reduced costs, creating a solid return on investment. Now you, your staff, and clients can schedule a meeting or presentation and know that the technology will work every time. 

At Pro-Tech Management, we provide all information regarding your AV infrastructure on a single dashboard. We monitor the AV network status for every connected device in every room and across multiple locations. We’ll also set your team up with a dashboard so they can check and have peace of mind that all systems are good.

Should a device show warning signs, such as an increase in temperature when not in use, your company and Pro-Tech Management receive alerts, enabling quick remote or onsite actions. This platform also allows your team to run test scripts and automate room readiness with self-healing triggers.


Pro-Tech Management offers several layers of protection suitable for different size companies, from entire campuses to large-scale enterprises with multiple locations and smaller, independent business owners. To learn more about real-time network monitoring or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Pro-Tech Management today.