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Audio Visual Equipment Repair Services

Does Your Business Need Audio-Visual Equipment Repair Services?

An office lobby with three visual displays mounted on the wall.

Take a Proactive Approach with Pro-Tech Management

In our modern, ever-connected world, a lot can go wrong if our work technology malfunctions. If your business relies on many AV devices and smart technology for your staff, client, and customer satisfaction, you need a surefire way to ensure it’s always up and running. 

Pro-Tech Management provides audio-visual equipment repair services to businesses nationwide. And while repair services are essential in emergencies, wouldn’t it be best to catch issues as soon as possible—and prevent downtime from ever occurring? 

Read on to discover what types of AV equipment we can repair for your organization and how our AV monitoring services can protect your systems from malfunctioning. 

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What Kinds of Equipment Do We Repair? 

If anything goes wrong with your technology systems, we can visit your business on-site to assess the situation and troubleshoot. This may include the following technology:

  • Video conferencing systems 
  • Interactive displays 
  • Distributed audio speakers 
  • Video walls 
  • Security and surveillance 
  • Cloud-based digital signage 
  • Smart room control 
  • Automation technology 

How Can Remote AV Monitoring Help? 

You could wait until technology stops responding to call us, and then wait again until our expert arrives. Or you could sign up for our AV monitoring services that continually monitor the health and status of your AV systems. Then, should anything go wrong or need updating, we’ll know instantly and work on fixing the situation. 

Technology monitoring services guarantee that every device in your network is operating smoothly. We can set up an AV monitoring system for your IT team to handle on its own, or we can provide the monitoring for you, depending on your needs. 

Find the Plan Right for You 

We offer three tiers of monitoring services. Our basic plan, GOOD PTM, provides your IT staff with hands-on monitoring solutions through a single dashboard. Our next tier, BETTER PTM, includes remote troubleshooting from our CX engineer. We’ll manage all alerts through ticket tracking and work with your IT staff to resolve issues. 

Our final tier, BEST PTM, is handled completely by our team. We manage alerts, tickets, and remote troubleshooting. If any issues require additional support, we’ll send one of our engineers to repair the system on-site. BEST PTM also includes scheduled visits to maintain the health of your technology systems. 

Why Use Pro-Tech Management?

While off-the-shelf monitoring software exists, these DIY solutions are often incompatible with every device in your AV ecosystem and may limit you to manufacturer-specific technology. When you work with our team of professionals, we can integrate all your devices into a single monitoring platform. We’ll be your dependable partner to ensure everything’s working as it should.


If you’re looking for audio-visual repair services or are curious about AV monitoring services, contact Pro-Tech Management here to learn more! We look forward to speaking with you.