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Real-Time IoT Monitoring

Does My Business Need Real-Time IoT Monitoring?

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Here’s How IoT Monitoring Can Help Your IT Department 

If you’re reading this, there’s a chance you represent a business IT department looking for a better way to manage its technology. IoT, or the Internet of Things, is more prevalent than ever in our modern world, and if your organization has hundreds or thousands of connected devices, your IT team could likely use some help. 

Many businesses are turning to real-time IoT monitoring to protect their networks from cyber threats and better manage technical issues. Could your business benefit? Read on to learn what IoT monitoring entails and its many advantages. 

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What Does IoT Monitoring Do? 

An IoT monitoring platform allows your team (or hired service provider) to view and access information about all your IoT devices from any location. We can track device performance and troubleshoot when issues arise, even across thousands of devices.

Why Is IoT Monitoring Helpful? 

Every device in your network generates data while communicating with other devices and services. So as you add new IoT devices to the network, you’re introducing risks to the applications and services. To keep track of all the devices in your system, a monitoring platform lets you view every connected device across the entire estate. And the results? 

Thanks to IoT monitoring, we’ve seen businesses and cities make informed decisions that impact many people’s lives. For example, sensors on waste bins in Copenhagen helped the city realize that collections were happening on the wrong days. By monitoring the bins, data patterns told them collection days needed to be moved to reduce overflowing waste and improve efficiency. 

With IoT monitoring, your company will be able to contextualize relationships between devices while automating workflows. And if anything ever goes wrong, we’ll be able to catch the issue and troubleshoot faster than we would without IoT monitoring.

Does Our Business Need IoT Monitoring? 

This is the question—is real-time IoT monitoring right for your business? Here are a few signs you could benefit. 

  • You have dozens, hundreds or thousands of devices that you need to manage from a central location. 
  • Your devices are in hard-to-reach or mobile locations, like on street lights, on buses, trains, manufacturing facilities and other remote settings. 
  • You want to be alerted on certain activities, like devices going offline, attempted security breaches, or even batteries needing replacement. 
  • You want to send personnel to sites only when needed and not for unnecessary technology checks. 
  • Your business could face lost revenue or fines if certain devices are down or fail. 

If this sounds like your company, then consider implementing remote monitoring with Pro-Tech Management! There are two ways to get started: Contact our team of experts and we’ll be in touch to assess your business’s needs; and use our easy Price Calculator to estimate coverage costs to meet your unique needs. We look forward to working with you!