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The Best Customer Service Encompasses Remote AV Monitoring

The Connection Between Commercial Integrators and AV Monitoring Services

Are you a commercial integrator getting into the booming video conferencing market? Many smart integrators were already in the commercial market, installing automated lighting, shading, climate control, and audio-video systems. Then, the remote workforce exploded, and video conferencing became a necessity, as well as AV monitoring services

The downfall of this explosion is the nature of video conferencing. Many meetings take place under high pressure when system failure can lead to lost clients or angry board members. Most commercial integrators aren’t in the position to respond to emergency situations of this high level. They’re too busy creating their next big project or have multiple ventures on their plate. 

The result is either overworked and stressed-out integrators or unhappy clients. What’s the solution? Keep reading to see how Pro-Tech Management can help.

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The Better Ending

At Pro-Tech Management, we take this part of the puzzle off your plate. You can finish up your AV project and then leave it to us, knowing your clients are in good hands and well-cared for. Here’s what we offer. 

  • 24/7 proactive monitoring of every device on their AV network in every room and every location.
  • Immediate notification if a problem shows up that could threaten a scheduled meeting.
  • Different plans so that any size operation can utilize our services. If you work primarily with large-scale multiple-site commercial operations, we’ve got them covered. If you provide integrative solutions for smaller brands or independent operators, we’ve got a plan to help them as well. 

The difference between plans is in the level of support. For example, the “Good” plan allows operators to monitor the performance and status of all connected devices and receive alerts in the event of a problem. 

At the “Better” level, they receive remote troubleshooting from one of our engineers. This type of support enables our technicians to catch and often repair problems before your client knows they’ve occurred. If the issue doesn’t resolve, they troubleshoot remotely with the company’s onsite team.  

A subscription to the “BEST” level includes an onsite visit from a Pro-Tech Management technician to repair any equipment issues that could not be resolved remotely.

Peace of Mind

Integrators experience peace of mind, knowing that their client’s AV network is in good hands and they’re relieved of emergency after-hours requests. Clients experience peace of mind at all levels of support because they receive instant notification of any possible failures looming in the near future and can take action before it becomes an emergency. All clients also receive valuable information regarding the utilization of their equipment and can use this to determine the need for future expenditures or get rid of equipment that’s no longer in use.

Pro-Tech Management is a nationwide firm, so no matter where you are in the U.S., we can help. To learn more about the importance of supporting your clients’ AV network or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Pro-Tech Management today.