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Remote AV Monitoring

Commercial Integrators Use Remote AV Monitoring for Ultimate Client Satisfaction

Let Pro-Tech Management Take the Worries Off Your Plate with Remote AV Monitoring

If you’re a business owner or commercial integrator, you know that building automation is expanding in ways once unimaginable. Years ago, businesses had only a few “connected” technologies on their properties. Now, they have hundreds – even thousands of connected devices! And all of these require a robust network and increasingly sophisticated technology to keep them running effortlessly.

That’s where we come in. Pro-Tech Management is a nationwide firm helping integrators like you deliver full premium-level service, ensuring your clients’ businesses maintain full functionality long after the project is over.

Let’s explore how we can help your business by offering proactive remote AV monitoring and maintenance for all of your clients’ integrated audiovisual systems and other connected devices.

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Meeting Spaces

The world of video conferencing has skyrocketed in the last few years, and businesses are turning to automated integrators to create these AV powerhouses. Many of today’s collaboration venues include smart cameras, microphones, and speakers, along with motorized blinds and lighting.

Technology, however, has its bad days and doesn’t always pick the right time to fail. This can mean diminished connectivity right before a big presentation. Instead of putting your current project on hold, let us at Pro-Tech Management handle the ongoing AV support your customers can depend on.


Monitor and Manage

We’ll keep an eye on all of your client’s connected devices, monitoring network and device health and catching issues before your customer even knows there’s a problem. We prevent disasters by spotting issues before they escalate, and we do this around the clock, 365 days a year. In addition, our certified engineers can fix these network and device glitches remotely in most cases.

The goal of Pro-Tech Management is to identify issues as soon as they arise to prevent any interruption or lost productivity. As more systems and AV components are connected to the network, the role of remote AV monitoring is increasing in performance and security. We can also determine underused or overused equipment by analyzing usage data, which can then be optimized.


A Scalable Solution

Our three-monthly plans allow any size operation to take advantage of remote monitoring—from a small company to a large enterprise. Your GOOD PTM subscription enables you to monitor the status and performance of all connected devices through one dashboard. Device alerts trigger notifications and emails. At the BETTER level, we monitor and manage all alerts and provide remote troubleshooting. BEST PTM offers next business day on-site support by our technicians for complete equipment repair. You can estimate the costs for your desired coverage configuration by using our Price Calculator.


Are you ready to take your company to the next level, providing your clients with the best-in-class monitoring service? To learn more about our processes or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Pro-Tech Management today.