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Integrators: Provide AV Monitoring to Your Clients with Pro-Tech Management

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We Partner with Commercial Integrators for Customer Satisfaction & Success

As a commercial integrator, you know your clients need support to ensure their AV systems run flawlessly. But suppose your business doesn’t have the bandwidth to proactively monitor and maintain technology and software products. In that case, clients might be left waiting for days or longer for someone to fix their technology.

Thankfully, that’s not the only option. Even if your integration firm can’t provide its own audio-visual monitoring, you can partner with a service like Pro-Tech Management to handle infrastructure management for you.

Below, we’ll share why it’s beneficial to your business (and customers) to work with Pro-Tech Management for AV monitoring services.

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Focus On What You Know Best 

If your clients use AV software products with the audio-visual systems you build, the software needs to be hosted, which is far out of scope for most commercial AV integrators. Why not let the infrastructure be managed by someone else? We understand server administration and cloud hosting, so it’s not on you or the customer to figure out. Your business can focus on core tasks while we handle IT maintenance for your clients.

You’ll Have Happier Clients 

If your customers’ AV systems experience any issues, they might wrongfully place the blame on your installation. With proactive management services, we can detect incidents remotely and respond right away. Our IT professionals know how to accurately resolve issues and can monitor the overall health of a business’s network, therefore preventing technical issues from arising. 

Maintain Long-Term Partnerships 

Your clients will be much more likely to continue working with you if they feel their AV was worth the investment. In fact, we can track device statistics, including utilization data, to provide technology ROI information. Your customers won’t feel frustrated or abandoned with technology that doesn’t work. And when everything is smooth sailing, they’ll be more likely to return to you when it’s time to expand or add new technology. 

Pro-Tech Management is a third-party technology monitoring service that works with commercial integrators and IT teams. If you’re looking to outsource monitoring services, trust our nationwide team of experts for friendly, timely, and expert solutions. 

To learn more about our audio-visual monitoring solutions and the three service tiers available, contact Pro-Tech Management here for a consultation. We look forward to working with you!