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Continued Support: The Sign of a Successful AV Integrator

A large conference room with people sitting around a desk watching three video displays.

Provide Your Customers with Continued Support and Remote IoT Monitoring

Today’s successful AV commercial integrators have their hands full. Suddenly, the nation’s workforce went from in-office schedules to developing at-home workspaces. Many high-performance companies have retained a hybrid workforce—allowing employees to work from home a certain number of days a week. One study found that 63% of high-revenue growth companies embrace hybrid workforce models. These companies require dependable, state-of-the-art videoconferencing and collaboration technologies. 

Before the pandemic, integrators may have focused on preparing huddle rooms with AV technologies. Now, integrators are taking on huddle rooms, boardrooms, and just about any space that can be transformed into virtual meeting areas. In addition to audio and video distribution, they’re incorporating digital signage, video walls, sound masking, and more. As these spaces become increasingly complex, more businesses are looking for integrators that offer service and support and remote IoT monitoring long after the job is complete.

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Providing Service & Support

The AV integrators we work with are busy creating better listening and viewing experiences for remote workforces, meetings, and special events. They enjoy the design stage and developing solutions that exceed their clients’ expectations. They don’t, however, have the resources, time, or inclination to provide 24/7 support and monitoring, a service that many businesses have come to expect.

That’s where Pro-Tech Management comes in. By outsourcing this service, you’re relieved of the pressure that comes with “always on” support while ensuring satisfied customers that return to you for their AV integration needs. 

The Remote Monitoring Solution

We offer 24/7 remote monitoring plans that enable us to keep track of audiovisual solutions and address any issues before they arise. By monitoring every device on an AV network, we can spot glitches before they cause significant disruptions in workflow and productivity. By taking a proactive stance, we solve problems before they impact an organization’s finances, often before they even know they have an issue. 

Our team receives immediate notification if a threat to the AV infrastructure is detected, allowing us to resolve any issues before your next meeting with a client or remote workforce gathering. Whether you’re creating AV solutions for large multi-unit enterprises or smaller independent businesses, we have a plan and protection level that can work with their current needs. As a nationwide organization, we’re available from coast to coast, providing impeccable service you and your clients can count on. 

Our top subscription package offers remote troubleshooting as well as expert onsite support when needed. We offer next-business day appointments with Pro-Tech Management technicians traveling to the location and fully repairing any AV equipment issues. To give you an accurate picture of the costs of AV infrastructure monitoring and management, we’ve developed this Price Calculator.

At Pro-Tech Management, our goal is to increase your business while making your life a little easier. To learn more about our remote monitoring, troubleshooting, and onsite AV repair, contact Pro-Tech Management today.